A desk and pocket watch by Lip

We are used to pocket watches, we see from time to time pocket and wristwatches movements mounted in desk watches. But a wristwatch movement in a pocket watch, also usable as a desk watch, this is new.

A french Lip from the 1920s

A clever way to convert a pocket watch into a desk watch

This thin dress watch contains a Lip 26.3 movement (I think : there are no markings inside, but it could be identified by the shape of the setting lever). Some “watchmaker” glued a minute hand of the wrong shape, I was very lucky to find a fitting replacement.

A Lip 26.3 (probably)

The styling of the dial and blued steel hands is typical of the 1920s. Here it is with a 18″ Eterna, a factory-converted pocket watch movement without stem. Both are build without seconds hand, like small desk clocks.

Two deskwatches from the early 20th century